Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friday Photo Meme - what's in your bag edition

it's so fun reading Yumeko's Friday Meme through Rouge Deluxe and I managed to find time joining in in this hot Sunday (I know I'm late but hey, it's better than nothing).

1. cellphone/mobile phone

I've 2 - the BB is company cell & Apple 4S is personal. I only bothered to "dress up" my 4S with this beautiful Blossom 3D cover with peonies I ordered recently from Ahbengshop.

2. wallet/purse/whatever you keep your money in
3. something in your wallet [cards/coins/money/whatever]

this Coach heritage has many compartments and been with me for ages. it's burst into seams with loads of cards, coins, etc. it's serving me well though I'm eyeing on a Chanel wallet.however big it is, it can't contain my truckload of cards, so I rely partially on this LV card holder gifted by my dear sister. as you can see, I'm a coffee lover and Isetan is one of my fav department stores!

4. makeup you carry on the go

love this SIA drawstring pouch that I collected in past trips, it's small yet can store heaps. I usually have 2 lipsticks of pink/coral and nude hues (Dior Lucky & Chanel Liberte), a lipgloss (Chanel Calypso), mini Crabtree & Evelyn La Source lotion, Gatsby oil blotters (a must in tropical climate), Bath & Body Works anti-bac hand gel, Rohto eye drop (bought in Tokyo) to reduce dryness/redness, mini Chanel eau fraîche sheer moisture mist to smell nice and Guerlain Météorites compact in 02 teint beige for touching up.

5. whatever else you wish to share from your bag

love, love, love this Swarovski Hello Kitty pen that has 160 clear Swarovski crystals and the little charm in HK's silhouette. any girl can't do without a packet of tissue paper (this Kleenex was from Taiwan, which has a wide selection of nicely packaged tissue packets). Biore powder sheets helps in this sweltering heat to help me feel fresh and clean. the Rilakkuma card case keeps my EZ link card and office entry cards tidy with a wrist chain and a cute charm - my female colleagues love it.

thanks for reading this meme :)


  1. i like the amount of pink you have heehee love pink!
    your tissue packet is super cute. did u buy a lot from taiwan and bring it home with you?

    around 20 people have taken part in this meme i think and 6 people have mention the BBW hand sanitizers!!! very cool

  2. hi Yumeko

    yes, I bought 24-tissue packet in 2 different designs, the other is in denim, also from Kleenex Taiwan. they are too cute to miss & value for $$$, plus they act as a cushion in my luggage, hehehe.

    I can only imagine more people taking part in this & future meme. the BBW hand sanitizer is so handy to carry around, and its scent is oh-so-heavenly.