Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yumeko’s weekly meme #5 – body care edition

here's my second attempt joining Yumeko’s weekly meme.

body care is fundamental to civilization and a courtesy to the community we live in. I loathe people with BO (body odor) and bad-smelling laundry. and I think with good body care regime, one must also have good laundry care products to "envelop" what's within. speaking of laundry care, I love Kao Attack Perfume in Fruity scent, which keeps my laundry fragrant and clean.

OK, enough said, let's get on with my list.

1. body wash

I'm using Thierry Mugler Angel Innocent crystal shower gel, which is sensuous and feminine - its scent lasts and my kids love to sniff my arms. I also stock up a fair bit of bath products - The Body Shop Earth Lovers range (they are eco-friendly), Korres Fig (bought from Asos) and Soap & Glory body wash/gel. the S&G range is value-for-money for a huge bottle and its sweet scent lingers in my bathroom.

2. skin moisturizer

the Jurlique Calendula Cream is gentle to my skin as I'm suffering with mild eczema, leaving it supple in the morning after an overnight use. occasionally, I use Physiogel or Soap & Glory Body Butter. skin moisturizers are also effective when used on feet and hands before bedtime for clean-looking skin as if you have had a paraffin-wax treatment.

3. hair treatment / conditioner

I have colored & highlighted hair, it's important to keep hair color vibrant, at the same time, moisturized. the L'oréal shampoo & conditioner for colored hair duo do just that. every week, I treat my hair with Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating mask (bought from BeautyBay) for soft, bouncy hair that smells oh-so-heavenly. after towel-dried my hair, I'll coat them with Lumi-oil and Absolute Repair oil by L'oréal to protect and seal the nutrients from conditioning or treatment. on special occasions (dating the hubby or meeting the girls), I'll spray Chanel Chance eau fraîche hair mist (below pic) to oomph the fragrant quotient.

4. perfume

I'm a big fan of fragrances! these are my current favs - Chanel Chance body mist, eau fraîche hair mist, eau tendre, Floral by Gucci - Gorgeous Gardenia, Thierry Mugler eau de Star created by Louise Turner who also designed Love by Chole, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb - top notes of bergamot & green tea, and Jill Stuart Night Jewel. on days when I go to the neighborhood for groceries or errands, the Chanel Chance body mist is the go-to for a light, airy whiff of girly innocence.

5. other body care items you use

I can't leave home without a spritz of deodorizer such as Rexona (I also use Nivea and Dove's). in this tropical climate when humidity is cruel to our glands, this little spray is a god-send in keeping odor at bay and making one smells fresh all day. the Benefit Bathina body balm is used to buff my legs when I wear skirts to give my skin a subtle sheen, it also acts as an anti-static barrier. the Mamma Mio boob tube bust & neck firmer gives my neck and décolleté a sheer veil of shimmer and it smells delicious! when I'm out in the sun, I'll spray Mentholatum's latest innovation - the Sunplay Watery Cool UV Spray with SPF75 PA+++. it has anti-aging agent and menthol to keep skin cool.

these are some of my favorites and I'm glad I could share my little indulgences with you. thanks for reading.


  1. thanks for joining in again!!!!
    i love the products u chosen and use

    but most of all, wow i totally agree abt the whole bad smelling laundry thing!!! i am very particular abt tat too!!!!

  2. hi Yumeko

    I love this week's edition coz body care is my fav!

    I'm sorry to hear that you have eczema too - it's bothering me a great deal as no matter what product I used (even from dermatologist), it just didn't work. those with steroids work better but they leave marks after healing :(

    really loathe bad smelling clothes especially in crowded commute.

    cheers & have a nice weekend!

  3. I just bought another three of the Body Shop Earth Lovers shower gels as they were on sale for just €2 over here! They're great and don't strip the skin. Sorry to hear about your persistent eczema. I've only experienced it once and fortunately it cleared up quickly when I switched my skincare. You have a lovely fragrance collection!

  4. hi Iris

    wow, that's a real steal. it's still buy 2 get 1 free here. agreed that its formula is kind to the skin and its scent is pleasantly light.

    thanks for your compliments on my fragrance collection. I love them all :) I'd love to own a Jo Malone one day but its price point is pretty high for a cologne.

  5. Hi :) Where did you buy the L'oreal shampoo and treatment?

  6. hi Jans, if you are located in Singapore, I usually buy them from large local toiletries shop such as Venus. sometimes I buy online such as HQ Hair from the UK. HTHs.